Dylan Bradshaw – Most Wanted Finalist 2018: Exceptional Stylist

Creative Head’s Most Wanted awards honour those of the highest talent in the hairdressing industry. The most prestiguous awards ceremony for hairdressing across the UK & Ireland, Most Wanted has seen and named phenomenal candidates on their finalist lists.

Judged by a panel of professionals from the hair, beauty, fashion and celebrity fields this years named finalists have top standard minds to please.

Win in the same Most Wanted category three times, and you become a Most Wanted Legend. This elite title has now been awarded five times: to Sam McKnight, Errol Douglas MBE, Strands Hairdressing, Headmasters and Jas Hair in Salisbury.

Dylan himself, has been honoured to recieve the award for Exceptional Stylist 2 years running!

Client - Creative Head, comm by Joanna Andersen

Creative Head – Most Wanted Awards 2016

Creative Head - Most Wanted Awards 2016

Creative Head – Most Wanted Awards 2017

He is delighted, as are we all extremely ecstatic for him, to have been nominated for his third year in row!

Let’s get behind the Maestro of the Irish hairdressing industry and keep our fingers crossed that the judging panel award Dylan with a knighthood in the Most Wanted Ledgendary Hall of Fame this year!!

Exceptional Stylist 2018 – He’s coming for you!

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