Healthy Hair Lockdown Resolutions

We know the struggle is real right now – even though we’re not in any panic for our hair to be looking its best with a national lockdown keeping us in our homes. But we do know the feeling of catching yourself in the mirror every day and your inner monologue is saying things like:

“It’s only a box dye, I’d do anything to get rid of these roots!”

“I know I normally get highlights, but I’m so bored, and I really fancy a change”

“I bet there’s a video on Youtube that will show me how to cut my hair myself at home”.

Please don’t listen to the voice!! You and your hairdresser have worked so hard to get your hair to where it is. Don’t take a step back by resorting to cheaper and quicker methods for a week or so, giving into the lockdown frenzy.

Instead of focusing on how your hair looks, this is the time to focus on how your hair feels. You can view it as taking the time to strengthen the inside of your hair so that the outside can look even better in the months to come. Below are some of our salon favourite products that can help you achieve this. It’s a hair care investment that will save your money down the line on fixing any lockdown mistakes.

Drop the scissors, return the box dye, and have a little read of what we have to offer.

L’Oreal Smartbond

What you might not know is that Smartbond is one of the most popular in-salon treatments used on both coloured and un-coloured hair.

Smartbond is formulated to protect the bonds deep within the hair. The Step 3 Conditioning formula is a hair strengthening system that is specifically designed to preserve these bonds while performing technical hair procedures such as colouring, highlighting and using heat on the hair. The treatment results in hair feeling softer, stronger and looking shinier, while building and maintaining strength in your locks at home. Your hair fibres will become stronger and healthier, ready before, during and after any technical activity on your hair.

This is not an everyday treatment. The Smartbond Step 3 Conditioner should be applied once a week after shampooing your hair. Apply on damp hair and leave on for 1-3 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly

As your hair is not receiving its regular colour application and you are not using as much heat on the hair to regularly blow dry, straighten or style, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in this product to strengthen your hair before returning to the salon.

Kérastase Blond Absolu

This one is for all our lovely blondies, as it’s harder to find solutions for bleached/highlighted hair that’s gone dull without a hairdresser. Firstly (and lastly) if you’re considering giving it a go yourself because you can get your hands on some meche packets and a toner – forget about it. Avoid the scold of your hairdresser when you return to the salon, and take this time to keep your blonde fresh by using our best-selling Kérastase range exclusively for blonde locks.

Blond Absolu is one of the newer additions to the Kérastase family, over the years, but it is one of the most popular products used by our clients and staff. The range contains five products – an everyday clear shampoo, a recommended once a week pigmented purple shampoo and masque, a conditioner and a leave-in milk that acts as a heat protector as well as adding additional benefits to your hair.

With the right routine, these products have the potential to keep your hair salon fresh during this lockdown. It’s so important to build a healthy routine instead of resorting to desperate measures, as they will benefit you in the long run before you return to your stylists chair.

Heat Protectors

Overtime, with the amount of heat you use on your hair from blowdrying and styling, the hair can become damaged if not protected. Heat protectors are a brilliant way of adding an additional barrier of protection to your hair so it does not become damaged from excess heat. Heat protectors can be applied while the hair is still wet before blowdrying, when the air is dry before styling, or both. There are many different types and textures, as not everyone is the same. Milks, sprays, serums and oils are among the most popular options. We imagine majority of people are not blowdrying or styling their hair as frequently, which is a great way of reducing damage in itself. However, for the times you are still using heat on your hair, here are a few of our favourite heat protectors to help with the hairs outer layer of defence;

Kérastasehave a number of thermiques within their families that are used as a blowdry cream/milk. They also have an elixir oil that is quite a popular choice for a lot of people. The best part is that not only do you get a heat protectant from these products, but your hair gets a number of benefits, including nourishing your hair fibres and leaving your hair smooth and full of shine. Each range in the Kérastase family is tailored to certain types of hair, so each product is more suited to specific hair issues;

  • Kérastase Discipline Keratin Thermique – unruly hair
  • Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique – dry hair
  • Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique – damaged hair
  • Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste Thermique – all hair types, but those looking to grow out healthy lengths specifically
  • Kérastase Elixir Ultime L’Huile Originale – all hair types

Shu Uemuraalso have two ranges of styling products that contain a heat protector in them. Firstly, the “Essence Absolue” collection gives a number of options depending on the type of texture you prefer;

Multi-Purpose All-in-Oil Milk – a nourishing spray that detangles and softens, gives shine, controls frizz and maintains long-lasting style and manageability.

Nourishing Oil-in-Cream – This multi-use hair cream nourishes and softens coarse thick hair. It rapidly re-balances the moisture level from root to tip of dry hair. Also provides humidity-resistance, taming frizzy hair and leaving it smooth, soft and controlled with enhanced shine.

Nourishing Protective Oil – This is one of Shu Uemuras best-selling products. Formulated with camellia oil for daily use, it protects hair with intense nutrition and provides UV protection without weighing the hair down. It rapidly absorbs oil deep into the hair fibre leaving soft, healthy hair. It re-balances the hair’s moisture level from mid-lengths to ends, leaving a sleek and smooth finish.

Secondly, “The Art of Styling” range provide similar products and results which are suitable to mix and match for all hair types;

Shu Uemura Netsu Design – This cream gives your blowdry a more polished, sleek and flawless finish with anti-frizz power. ‘Netsu’ is derived from the Japanese word for heat. This simple formula helps to protect the hair up to 230°C, so your strands are saved significantly from the breakage and damage as a result of heat styling.

Shu Uemura Shiki Worker – This spray was originally known as the ‘Wonder Worker’ and it literally works wonders for your hair, as it is so versatile and gives your hair so many benefits. ‘Shiki’ in Japanese means ‘four seasons’, so it only further promotes that adaptability it represents. This spray is suitable for all hair types, and is easily incorporated into your styling routine. It’s to be used while the hair is still wet before blowdrying. It’s many benefits include; hydration, detangling, smoothing, conditioning, radiance and silky results.
However, it can also be used to finish your look once your mane is dry, defining and refining your natural texture.

Shu Uemura Tsuki Shape – a very natural product, it gives your hair natural looking definition and soft texture. It works to give your strands extra volume and body without obviously changing your authentic look. The spray is incredibly lightweight, therefore giving a lightweight feel to your hair. Also, as it’s activated by heat, it’s ideal for lost lasting styling and curling.

There are so many heat protectors to choose from, and now is the perfect time to experiment and try out new products to see which ones suit your hair best, so that you’ll be ready for flawless blowdries and styling for your first social event post-lockdown!

Hair Masks

Right now more than ever, we are all in need of a little self-love routine. That one day a week where you pamper yourself . But how can your hair come into that when the whole reason for going to a hairdresser is to give your gruaige some TLC? A hair mask is the ultimate answer for bringing that salon treatment home with you. If you haven’t tried a hair mask already, it has a wide range of benefits. It repairs damaged locks right down to the cuticles and fibres, it adds an intense amount of shine to your hair, it maintains and strengthens colour-treated hair so you can have that fresh salon look for longer, and it adds moisture to your hair, keeping it hydrated and luscious – to name but a few! There are so many to choose from on our online boutique in the Kérastase and Shu Uemura families, each tailored to a different hair type.

A mask for…KérastaseShu Uemura
Colour-Treated HairReflection Masque ChromatiqueColour Lustre
Bleached/Highlighted HairBlond Absolu Masque Ultra VioletYubi Blonde Anti-Brass Purple Balm
Dry HairNutritive Masquintense  – Dry   Nutritive Creme Magistral-Extremley DryUrban Moisture
Unruly HairDiscipline MaskeratineShusu Sleek
Damaged HairResistance Masque Extentioniste – great if you’re looking to grow the length of your hair
Resistance Masque Force Architecte
Silk Bloom
Very Damaged/Over-Processed HairResistance TherapisteUltimate Reset
Curly HairDiscipline Masque Curl Ideal
Thin HairMuroto Volume
Any Hair TypeDensifique Masque Densite – to treat hair that lacks density Elixir Ultime Masque – gives additional shine to the hair     Soleil Masque Apres Soleil – recommended to those who live in sunshine and have damaged hair, but also recommended to swimmers Specifique Masque Hydra-Apaisant – for those who may suffer occasionally with a dry and/or oily scalpEssence Absolu Nourishing Illuminating Treatment

L’Oreal Root Cover Sprays

Who says you need a home colour to keep your roots touched up during lockdown? If you’re going for your daily walk, have an important phone call, or just fancy a bit of self- care, the L’Oreal Root Cover Up Sprays are your quick and easy answer to achieve that desired and long awaited touch-up, and saves you stressing about matching your colour to a box dye kit. The cover up washes out in the shower, so there is no worry about staining your hair. More information on the product and its results are available here:

How To Use:

With the bottle above your head at a reasonable distance and pointed towards your roots, spray through your roots in an up and down motion for 5-10 seconds, covering the section of your hair that has regrowth.

Our online boutique stocks six shades which range from blonde all the way to the darkest of colours. The following colours are on offer:

  • Warm Blonde
  • Dark Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Brown
  • Mahogany Brown
  • Black

If you’re unsure of which colour would suit your hair best, feel free to contact our reception team. It may not be the exact match you’d get in a salon environment, but it is the safest and quickest option to keep your hair in its best condition and to help you cover up your roots!

Shu Uemura Yūbi Blonde Review

Yūbi Blonde Collection

Why the most recent release from Shu Uemura should be your new favourite hair care range

Lockdown or no lockdown, there’s nothing stopping Dylan Bradshaw from providing the best hair care to their clients. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait until the salons reopen to get it. Kicking off 2021 on a high note, the online boutique has just been stocked up with the brand new Yūbi Blonde range -brought straight from the depths of Japan by Shu Uemura. There are four products in total that can be incorporated into your hair routine. This range is aimed at those with bleached, highlighted hair who would like to remove brassy tones and achieve that cool blonde look. If you have used Shu Uemura products before, you know you’re getting fantastic and luxurious at home hair care. If you haven’t, here’s the perfect chance to try it!

Want a little more convincing before you invest? Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it, and luckily our team have trialled and tested this range first hand from the comfort of their homes during lockdown to give you a personal review and break down on what all the fuss is all about with Yūbi Blonde. Below is a review from our Front of House Receptionist Megan on all four products, to give you a non-stylist perspective on using the new collection and the condition of the hair after blow drying.

Shampoo 1 – Glow Revealing Shampoo

First of all, before you even put this shampoo in your hair, the amazing smell hits you straight away. Including the shampoo, all four products are infused with the Japanese white peony flower to add such a gorgeous aroma to your hair. It can also be used on not only bleached, highlighted hair, but all coloured hair, so the formula is very diverse.

The shampoo conditions the fibres of the hair without weighing them down. “I’ve found that with other products I’ve used in the past, my hair feels heavy and tacky as soon as I’ve rinsed the shampoo, nearly as if there’s still product left in it no matter how long I’ve rinsed for. Once I rinsed the Glow Revealing shampoo out of my hair, it felt lightweight, which is important for me because I have very thick hair”.

Shampoo 2 – Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo

If you’re a blonde, you’ve more than likely definitely heard of purple shampoo, whether it be from your hairdresser or otherwise. With so many out there on the market already, it’s important to distinguish what makes Yubi Blonde a worthwhile contender and the top choice in the mix.

Anti-Brass neutralises those unwanted brassy, yellow tones in the hair, and helps capture that cool tone a lot of blondies are looking to achieve. Similar to the Glow Revealing shampoo, the white peony infusion smells fabulous. This shampoo is infused with purple and blue pigments and as such should only be used once a week.  

Conditioner – Full Replenishing Conditioner

“I find my lengths and ends can become quite dry and frizzy from highlights if I don’t look after it properly between salon visits. You need to invest in a great conditioner that is going to keep your locks in salon-worthy condition. I feel the Yūbi Blonde Full Replenishing Conditioner does just that”.

Lightweight and airy, the conditioner glides effortlessly through on application. It absorbs fast to avoid the risk of any heavy, sticky build-up being left behind. “I always worry about product build up in my hair, so it’s important to me that I use a conditioner that’s not going to make my hair feel tacky or heavy. The Full Replenishing is so soft and luxurious”. Leave the conditioner in your hair for 2-3 minutes to allow the rejuvenating ingredients to work their magic.

Mask – Anti-Brass Purple Balm

Another pigmented product, masks are a fantastic way of bringing a salon treatment home with you. This one can be used on not only blondes, but silvers and balayage clients too.

Our recommendation would be that this product should be applied evenly into the hair in the shower, without towel drying, in one go to the lengths and ends while the hair is still quite wet for 3-5 minutes, avoiding the roots and scalp as it can catch and stain.

Post Blow-Dry Thoughts

“Once I had finished blow drying, the main things I noticed were the softness, the shine, and the cooler appearance of my hair”.

The only other product that has made my hair feel that soft is the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil shampoo. Even two days after washing, after a run and other various activities, my hair still remained silky and smooth to the touch”. The softness of the hair is a result of the white peony ingredient – which works to improve your hairs condition and inject it with moisture, making it softer in the process.

“The shine that the products gave made my hair look so healthy and full of moisture, and I instantly noticed that the yellow tone to my hair was overpowered by coolness”.

Dylan Bradshaw are fortunate to be one of the few Irish salons to be stocking this range. All of the products mentioned above are available on our website through our online boutique, and as always if you have any questions, you can contact our reception team by emailing or calling (01) 671 9353.

An Update Regarding our Closure

Happy New Year! We know everyone is eager to get an appointment in the diary, however with so much uncertainty surrounding our reopening date, we are going to wait before we start taking appointments.

If you have a scheduled appointment during the period we are closed, we will be prioritising the rescheduling of these first, so there is no need to contact us regarding these appointments.

We will also operate a wait list for our reopening. You can join the list either via our online booking system here: , email or you can call us on (01) 671 9353

Our online shop is up and running for all products, and our front of house team are also available for orders or if you require a colour rescue pack.

Our phone lines will be operating Monday to Friday 10am-5pm and Saturdays 11am-4pm

We understand how difficult and frustrating these closures are, but if you do have any queries at all we are here to help!

The DB are excited to welcome everyone back again, and maybe with a bit of luck this will be our last time closing.

Team DB

An Update from Dylan Bradshaw

It is with great sadness and disappointment that, after a year of following government advice and health & safety guidelines, we plan to close our doors again from Christmas Eve.

With little guidance so far from the government, we have yet to start rescheduling our January appointments. Please be assured, if you are missing an appointment during this lockdown, we will be in contact to reschedule once we have a confirmed reopening date. 

As planned, our front of house team will be taking a break until the New Year, and will then be available via phone and email for colour rescue packs, product orders and any other enquiries. 

We cannot thank you enough for all the continued support this difficult and frustrating year, and we are very excited to welcome you back for a happier 2021.

We wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy New Year. 

Team DB 

Christmas Opening Hours and Last Date for Delivery

With Christmas just around the corner, we want to make sure your loved ones receive all their favorite Dylan Bradshaw gifts this year. The last date for delivery orders is Friday December 18th, but we will be available for click and collect until Christmas Eve.

Please see our updated opening hours for the Christmas period, as we have decided to give the team a well deserved rest with their family this year. We will be back Saturday January 2nd!

We want to wish all of our clients a happy and safe Christmas, and we can’t wait for a great 2021 with you all!

Team DB x

Dylan Bradshaw Christmas Gift Guide

A Guide To Shopping With Us This Festive Season

Looking for present ideas and not sure what to get? Looking to give the gift of gorgeous hair but don’t know how? Look no further…
Dylan Bradshaw are providing a variety of radiant gift options for your loved ones this Christmas. Whether it’s a grand gesture, a gift from Santa, a stocking filler or a Kris Kindle present, Dylan Bradshaw is covering a wide range of needs in-salon or through our online boutique to help you give the gift that will continue to give all-year round – flawless, fabulous and spectacular hair.
Here is a guide on all the options that you have to choose from to end 2020 with a thoughtful touch.

Free Gifts When Purchasing Kérastase and Shu Uemura Products
Dylan Bradshaw use two of the most popular professional products in the industry that achieve the best results. Kérastase and Shu Uemura are two of the most luxurious brands in the hair care world. Nothing says Christmas more than professional products to pamper your hair at home! When buying two or more individual products from Dylan Bradshaw provides you with a free gift with the purchase.

With Kérastase range, you have the option to choose from a candle or a mini oil from the hair care family.

With Shu Uemura, availing of this deal will get you two free gifts – a candle and a mini Shu Uemura brush.

Kérastase and Shu Uemura Bundles
Both of these ranges and their products are also available in Christmas bundles. You can go small with the Kérastase Aura Botanica Mini Gift Set or the Elixir Set, both suitable for all hair types These sets range between €35-€40. Or, take that extra step and choose from various sets that are specifically tailored to different hair types in both ranges. They include a shampoo, conditioner, an at home treatment and a complimentary gift inside. These sets range between €69 – €119.

Rahua – Our Vegan and Cruelty Free Range
Dylan Bradshaw are conscious that not all products will suit everyone. We want healthy and happy hair to be possible for all. This is why the Rahua range is so unique. Known as “Rainforest Growth Beauty” , it’s a brand that respects your hair and the wellness of the earth all in one. Rahua products are made with organic and natural ingredients. This means that the pure plant derived ingredients used are symbiotic, vegan, non-toxic and free of parabens, siliciones, sulfates and gluten free. There are a variety of products to choose from, including shampoos, conditioners, oils, lotions and styling creams. This is the perfect gift for your loved one who is an advocate for a natural and vegan lifestyle and also wants their hair to reflect this.

Stocking Fillers
The salon not only stocks the best at home hair care range, but it also has a number of brushes to choose from. Our DB Signature brushes and the Magic Brush are the perfect stocking fillers for someone looking to style their hair with ease.

Dylan Bradshaw Brush Set
An exclusive brush set produced by Dylan Bradshaw himself, you will receive Dylan’s signature brushes all wrapped up in a DB kit bag to keep all your brushes in the one place and on the go. The set includes small and medium squared styling brushes. Each brush features ceramic and ionic properties that allow for even heat distribution, enhancing drying time and leaving hair shiny. Also included is a paddle brush, which glides through and detangles hair with ease, leaving hair feeling and looking both smooth and sleek. The perfect flat brush for all types of hair, wet hair and styling natural hair, wigs and extensions. Additionally, all of the brushes are available individually.

Magic Brush
One of the best tools for detangling your hair without breakage, the Magic Hairbrush is a popular purchase for many clients in the salon. This brush can be used on wet and dry hair and can be used to blowdry, and has unique super soft patented bristles. The open vented design and unique shape allows hair to flow through the brush and for a soft gentle massaging of the scalp when brushing. This brush is the perfect size and idea for a stocking surprise on Christmas Day!

Dyson Copper Airwrap Smooth & Control – Limited Edition
For a limited time only, Dylan Bradshaw will be stocking the sleek Copper Dyson Airwrap Smooth & Control. With this product, you are still achieving the sleek and smooth looks with the barrels and brushes to curl, wave and volumise the hair with no extreme hear. The only difference is the copper details and finish to the styler. Each Dyson Airwrap includes 30mm Airwrap barrels, 40mm Airwrap barrels, firm smoothing brush, pre-styling dryer, storage case, non-slip mat and a filter cleaning brush. This product is the perfect Christmas gift for achieving vibrant hair at home for any occasion. It also comes with a free in-salon demo with one of our stylists to show you tips and tricks on how to use the Airwrap.So not only are you gifting a fantastic Dyson styler, but you’re also gifting a tutorial with an experienced stylist!

Are you certain that you’re looking to gift something hair related but not 100% sure what you think they’d like best? A Dylan Bradshaw Voucher is the perfect way of saying “you deserve a pampering”. Starting from €25 to a price of your choice, vouchers are redeemable off all products and services in the salon. The ideal gift to go towards getting a colour and/or cut service with one of our extraordinary stylists, sitting down and getting your nails done in our nail bar, getting your makeup done and receiving makeup tips from our in-salon makeup artists in The Academy, and finishing the experience by treating themselves to hair care products recommended by our stylist to maintain their newly-done hair and keeping it fresh. Choose from one, two or all of the above! The possibilities with a Dylan Bradshaw Voucher are endless…

For More Information….
Dylan Bradshaw are offering a wide pick of treats and gifts this Christmas. Whether you’re shopping in-salon or through our online boutique, our team are there to help you choose the perfect present. If you would like more information on any of the above, our team are available via the website LiveChat, by phoning (01) 671 9353 or by emailing We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your shopping this Christmas!

Christmas @ Dylan Bradshaw

We are excited to welcome all our clients back from December 1st! We want to assure you that all health and safety measures will remain in place to make your Christmas visit enjoyable and safe. We ask you to consider the following guidelines before attending your appointment:

◦ Please arrive alone to your appointment

◦ Please sanitize on your arrival to the salon. We will provide you with a clean disposable mask to wear for your appointment.

◦ We will email a short Covid-19 questionnaire the evening before your appointment, or we can fill this in in-salon with you.

◦We ask clients to follow Government guidelines regarding travelling into Ireland from abroad before attending the salon.

◦ We are not able to provide a refreshments menu. We ask you not to bring a tea/ coffee as this interferes with the wearing of your mask. Water will be available in-salon.

◦ We have 120 E-Magazines available to read on your own device.

◦ We will provide clients with a kit containing a disposable mask, disposable towels and a disposable gown. There is a surcharge of €5 for this kit.

◦ Nail clients will be provided with their own file and buffers. There will be a surcharge of €3 for this kit and you can reuse them for follow up appointments.

◦ We will be operating a cloakroom and will be following health and safety guidelines to protect your belongings.

◦ Please adhere to social distancing guidelines where possible

◦ If you wish to pre-order any products, you can call us on (01) 671 9353 or email

From Dylan, Charlotte and all the DB team, we would like to wish our clients a happy and healthy Christmas. x

The best advice on how to temporarily deal with your roots during Covid 19

Our Master Colourists here at Dylan bradshaw offer you the best advice on how to temporarily deal with your roots during Covid 19

First & foremost we strongly advise that you do not home hair colour with box dyes as most of them are permanent and they are not easy to undo!

Anything here that we recommend will wash out; therefore it will not affect your own colour. So you will have an easy return back into the salon for your fresh colour application when we’re open.

If you do pick up a box dye, please remember the result may cause a colour band, which will affect your next salon colour, potentially take time to grow out and may not be easily rectified by us.

There are so many wonderful wash out, root touch up products available to help cover those pesky grey hairs

L’Oréal’s Professional Hair Retouch spray or W7 powder. Which are available here on our online store           

W7 Cover up


L’Oreal Hair Touch up  you can also use Batiste sprays with a hint of colour and also the colour WOW powders are also super. They are available nationwide in most supermarkets and pharmacies The key is to try them out, and find what works best for you and your hair. Some ranges are permanent or semi-permanent and will affect your colour so please make sure you check the label


Colour WOW

There are many different shades and the best advice is to try a couple of them to see which one blends best with your hair. These are fantastic products and work very well on darker blondes to dark brown or even black hair. If you’re not sure what colour to go for and you’d like some advice, you can bool an online consultation with one of our team.

The sprays seem to work better on thicker to medium hair whereas the Powder touch ups like W7 are a softer application with a brush, so these may work better for finer hair. Top tip, if using powder touch ups, is to pat the power on – load up the brush and don’t be afraid to load it on. Again, this is all about finding out what works best for your hair.

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch by phoning 016719353 or emailing us at we would love to hear from you

And remember… we miss you as much as you miss us!

Stay safe and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

Team db

A Message from Charlotte & Dylan Bradshaw:

In light of recent information, and for the safety of both our staff and clients, we have decided to close our doors temporarily until March 29th.

We will be following and monitoring all HSE directed guidelines and will adapt to advice provided accordingly.

From all that we are hearing from healthcare professionals and to support and stand by these medical heroes, we will undertake social distancing in order to stop the spread of Covid-19 so that our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed over the coming days and weeks.

We have one opportunity to get this right, so as a team we have decided to act now. Thank you for your understanding during this time, stay safe.

Charlotte & Dylan Bradshaw


Update for our clients:

The Dylan Bradshaw Salon is open for business as usual. As always, our priority is the safety of our clients and staff, especially our most vulnerable, during the Covid-19 pandemic.
We have put a number of extra precautionary procedures in place so that we can continue to keep our salon environment a clean and safe place to work and visit.

We will be following and monitoring all HSE directed guidelines and will adapt to advice provided accordingly.

What we are doing:
All our staff wash hands with soap and water and apply antibacterial sanitizer before and after every client visit.
All sections, surfaces, equipment and tools are cleaned and sanitized before and after each client. Deep cleaning will occur in areas of the salon at different times throughout the salon day.
Hand sanitizer is provided for our clients throughout the salon, we welcome you to use it.

What we are asking from our clients:
If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend your appointment, please call or email and we can look at rescheduling.
Please be mindful of coughing or sneezing in the salon; cover your mouth with your elbow or use tissues which should be disposed of appropriately.
Please wash hands thoroughly with soap and water when using our toilet facilities.
We ask if clients can pay with card where possible to limit our reception teams interaction with physical money.

The Dylan Bradshaw Academy:
Our current group of Full Time Students were due to graduate and finish their study with us this term on 27th March 2020 with our Academy closed until September 2020.

Following on from the announcement on Thursday 12th March 2020 from our Taoiseach Leo Varadkar re: all school & 3rd Level College closures our training academy took the measure of closing the academy with immediate effect, cancelling all training appointments for the foreseeable future.

We welcome our academy clients to contact our salon team should they like to book for any hair appointments with our talented team of experienced stylists and colour experts. Please contact our team on 01-6719353 or alternatively email

Thank you for your understanding during this time, we look forward to welcoming you in salon for all of your hair and beauty needs.

The team @Dylan Bradshaw