Virtue Flourish Mask for Thinning Hair

The Flourish® Mask for Thinning Hair is a whipped and creamy yet weightless treatment formulated for a range of thinning textures. It strengthens strands and supports healthy hair growth—all while hydrating to leave hair shiny and silky-soft while you grow more.

K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil

This biotech-engineered weightless oil works on all hair types to strengthen, repair damage, reduce frizz at two levels of the hair fiber, and improve shine.

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask

4-minute leave-in treatment to clinically reverse hair damage An at-home leave-in treatment infused with our patented K18Peptide™ that works to repair even the most extreme damage, renewing hair to its most youthful, healthy state.

K18 Damage Shield Protective Conditioner

A nurturing and safeguarding conditioner designed to defend hair against everyday damage, promoting hair well-being while enhancing smoothness and imparting a radiant shine.

K18 Damage Shield pH Protective Shampoo

WHAT IT IS A cleansing shampoo microdosed with the patented K18PeptideTM. Powerful yet non-stripping formula is designed with an optimized pH that is safe enough for everyday use.
WHAT IT DOES Cleanses while smoothing the hair surface: Effective yet safe cleansers break down and remove dirt + oil for optimal nourishment and manageability. Designed for daily use: pH-balanced formula doesn’t disrupt the hair fiber or scalp environment and is safe to use daily if needed. Creates the ideal foundation for healthy hair: This formula was engineered to create an optimal clean canvas without any fillers to coat or disrupt the hair and scalp equilibrium.

K18 Peptide Prep Detox Shampoo

WHAT IT IS A color-safe clarifying shampoo with skincare-inspired ingredients + microdosed with the patented K18PeptideTM to nourish hair while removing buildup for a clean, healthy hair canvas.
WHAT IT DOES Deeply cleanses hair and scalp: A non-stripping lather works to unclog hair follicles while banishing dirt, oils, metals, and things left behind from heavy product buildup including 99% of product buildup, 95% of sebum + a 76% copper reduction after just 1 wash Clears the path: Preps hair for maximum K18 Molecular Repair Leave-in Treatment results. Everything performs better on clean, clarified hair including color + chemical services, treatments, and styling products. Creates ideal foundation for healthy hair: This formula cleanses effectively in hard water, tackling common metals like Nickel, Cadmium, Lead, Zinc, Iron to deliver a deeper cleanse without disrupting hair or being harsh on the scalp.

Color Wow Dream Filter


Hard water detox removes colour-distorting minerals in 3 minutes for brighter, shinier, silkier hair


  • Fastest, easiest 3-minute hair detox
  • Removes minerals that dull, darken and distort colour, and coarsen texture
  • Dramatically improves texture compromised by hard water residues

Chris Appleton + Color Wow Money Mist



Nutrient-rich, super-hydrating leave-in for all hair types. Proprietary Baolyzed Amino ComplexT, and marine botanicals moisturise and renew elasticity for longer, luminous, healthier-looking hair. Super hydrating leave-in for all hair types. Moisturizes and renews elasticity for longer, healthier-looking hair. Helps mend and strengthen hair fibres, helps prevent breakage.

L’Oreal Metal Detox Pre-Shampoo Treatment

[SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY]  Metal in water, penetrating inside your hair wash after wash, is one of the major causes of hair breakage. But did you know that porous hair has even higher risk of breaking as it absorbs more water with metal? Through daily aggressions like chemical processing, heat styling or UV, micro-breaks multiply on the hair surface & cavities occur in the cortex, causing hair to get porous & absorb excess water with metal. Micro-breaks are a disruption of the protective cuticle layer which are the first signs of damage. This leads to higher risks of breakage. [INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY]  Anti-porosity¹ technology to treat hair when it is the most vulnerable to water: before the shampoo. It is concentrated with 2% Glicofiller, an active that has a dual effect both on surface & cortex, to prevent excess absorption of water with metal: On the surface: it coats the fibre & refills 1 million hair micro-breaks, in 1 use². Inside the fibre: it penetrates the hair & fills down to the cortex. This new pre-shampoo treatment is part of the Metal Detox range, a full anti-metal protocol to help prevent hair breakage & colour fade, providing up to 99% less breakage³ when the full range is used. [REFILL 1 MILLION HAIR MICRO-BREAKS, IN 1 USE²]  Deep penetration with long-lasting efficacy. Up to 96% less breakage⁴ & anti-porosity¹. Hair is intensely moisturised: Up to 72h nourishment, smoothness and softness⁵. Instantly plumped, hair is full-bodied & feels healthier. [INSTANT DETANGLING] Instant & efficient detangling on all hair types. Prepares hair for cleansing & eases shampoo usage. [PROFESSIONAL FORMULA]  Lightweight, concentrated gel texture that instantly & deeply penetrates the fibre. Instant action, no pausing time needed. An addictive fragrance with a unique tech signature, thanks to a memorable citrus top associated with distinctive musky woods. For optimal results, use on wet hair before layering with Metal Detox shampoo, then rinse and follow with the mask and oil. When layering your shampoo directly on top, you’re eliminating 1 rinsing step compared to a classic rinse-off pre-shampoo, limiting water consumption. [SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES] For all hair textures, colour-treated, damaged, sensitized, bleached & natural hair. [ASK METAL DETOX IN-SALON PROTOCOL] At your next salon visit, ask for the Metal Detox protocol concentrated in Glicoamine to prevent hair breakage & colour fade: for up to 99% less hair breakage² and long lasting colour. Metal Detox has been co-developed with expert hairdressers. @sebastiancolorist, @washingtonnunnes, @lucasdioslo & @charlotte_catherin ¹Instrumental test, after use of Metal Detox pre-shampoo, shampoo, mask and oil. ²Instrumental visual assessment on sensitised hair. ³Instrumental brushing test after Metal Detox pre-shampoo treatment + shampoo + mask. ⁴High repetition, instrumental test vs. classical shampoo on bleached hair. ⁵Instrumental test on Metal Detox Pre-Shampoo.

Chris Appleton + Color Wow Money Masque


Deep hydrating hair treatment for all hair types


  • Celebrity Stylist Chris Appleton’s 1-step-prep for luxe, super healthy hair
  • Weightless formula instantly absorbs; leaves no waxy, heavy build-up
  • Penetrates deep to help strengthen, repair and renew suppleness
  • A deep conditioning hair mask for all hair types
  • Heat protection

Silver Rope Napkin Rings

Set of 4 rope & silver napkin rings from Dylan Bradshaw Homewares.
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OWAY Rugiada Hand Purifying & Moisturising Serum

Hand purifying and moisturising serum. Contains WHO recommended alcohol percentage (60-70%) / Dermatologically tested / Nickel Tested

OWAY X Blue Tit Superfluid

Original price was: €32.00.Current price is: €22.40.
Hair conditioning fluid. 98.7% naturally derived ingredients. 97% biodegradable ingredients.

OWAY X Blue Tit Next Day Cream

Original price was: €40.00.Current price is: €28.00.
Texturizing hair cream. 94.7% naturally derived ingredients. 84% biodegradable ingredients.

OWAY Soothing Remedy

No-rinse dermo-soothing treatment for sensitive skin/scalp

OWAY Dandruff Remedy

Purifying scalp treatment for dry or oily dandruff.

OWAY Densifying Remedy

Reinforcing and densifying treatment for scalp and hair prone to falling out.

OWAY Vivifying Remedy – Sensitive Scalps

Revitalising treatment for sensitive scalp with hair prone to falling out. Alcohol free.

OWAY Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath

Benefits – Gently cleanses, stimulating the vitality of the hair – Promotes the elimination of skin toxins – Reactivates the microcirculation of the scalp. Key Ingredient ORGANIC HORSE CHESTNUT // It improves the micro-circulation of blood vessels and encouraging the hair bulb to revitalize and strengthen. ETHICAL MAHOGANY // Antiseptic and astringent for the skin, […]

OWAY Plant & Mineral Refresh (Dry Shampoo)

Original price was: €35.00.Current price is: €24.50.
Waterless botanical-mineral cleansing and volumising hair blend. Dermatologically tested / Nickel tested.

OWAY Shaping Putty

Original price was: €30.00.Current price is: €21.00.
Stringing fiber, amplifier of form and volume.

OWAY Bungee Fiber

Original price was: €31.00.Current price is: €21.70.
Elastic fibrous hair paste.

OWAY OW Men’s Duo Set

The perfect gift for him. Choose to have OWAY's Hair & Body Invigorating Wash accompanied by their Face & Beard Hydrating Cleanser or Softening Shave Cream.

OWAY Hair Bath & Mask Duo Set

Pick your favourite OWAY Hair/Body Bath & Mask* and have them packaged beautifully.  

OWAY OW Men Softening Shave Cream

Moisturizing fluid shave cream. Dermatologically tested / Nickel tested
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