Color Lustre Color Sealer

Smart and soft dual-sealing technology that neutralizes lengths, detangling and smoothing them, while working to protect and retain hair colour. Anti-pollution efficacy. Enhanced luster and shine. Infused with anti-pollution properties. Provides and retains nourishment. Up to 96% preserved color* Up to 98% less breakage** protects the inner structure of hair against uvs *Instrumental test after 12 washes of shampoo, mask and spray **Instrumental test vs non conditioning shampoo

Achill Island Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Pure Irish sea salt harvested from the wild Atlantic waters off Achill Island. Its soft and flaky texture creates an intensity of flavour that will enhance any dish.

Achill Island Sea Salt is a pure, unrefined sea salt and contains over 60 trace minerals, including magnesium. potassium, iodine, iron, zinc, and selenium.

Weight: 75g

  Smoked Sea Salt Hand-harvested from the waters around Achill Island, this pure sea salt is gently hot-smoked over beech and oak. It has the taste of the sea with subtle smoky notes, along with sweet and rich umami flavours. Use for barbequing, over roast meats, with baked fish, in mexican dishes, or chocolate brownies.   Seaweed Sea Salt Achill Island Seaweed Salt is a mix of our pure white natural sea salt flakes (75%)  and Atlantic Wakame (Alaria esculenta) (25%) which is hand harvested by the Connemara Seaweed Company. This unique fusion of sea salt and seaweed will give an exceptional umami flavour to any dish.  We love it sprinkled over roast potatoes or veg, over soups and salads or in baking, such as breads and savoury scones. It’s also great roasted with nuts and seeds for a little savoury snack.

Lolo’s Picklery Pickled Onions

Tickled Pink: pickled red onion with fresh lime, coriander and fennel Rancho Relaxo: pickled onion and jalapeño with cumin and oregano Hello Yellow: pickled onion with fresh ginger, turmeric and cardamom

Virtue Flourish Mask for Thinning Hair

The Flourish® Mask for Thinning Hair is a whipped and creamy yet weightless treatment formulated for a range of thinning textures. It strengthens strands and supports healthy hair growth—all while hydrating to leave hair shiny and silky-soft while you grow more.

K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil

This biotech-engineered weightless oil works on all hair types to strengthen, repair damage, reduce frizz at two levels of the hair fiber, and improve shine.

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask

4-minute leave-in treatment to clinically reverse hair damage An at-home leave-in treatment infused with our patented K18Peptide™ that works to repair even the most extreme damage, renewing hair to its most youthful, healthy state.

K18 Damage Shield Protective Conditioner

A nurturing and safeguarding conditioner designed to defend hair against everyday damage, promoting hair well-being while enhancing smoothness and imparting a radiant shine.
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OWAY Rugiada Hand Purifying & Moisturising Serum

Hand purifying and moisturising serum. Contains WHO recommended alcohol percentage (60-70%) / Dermatologically tested / Nickel Tested

OWAY X Blue Tit Superfluid

Original price was: €32.00.Current price is: €22.40.
Hair conditioning fluid. 98.7% naturally derived ingredients. 97% biodegradable ingredients.

OWAY X Blue Tit Next Day Cream

Original price was: €40.00.Current price is: €28.00.
Texturizing hair cream. 94.7% naturally derived ingredients. 84% biodegradable ingredients.

OWAY Soothing Remedy

No-rinse dermo-soothing treatment for sensitive skin/scalp

OWAY Dandruff Remedy

Purifying scalp treatment for dry or oily dandruff.

OWAY Densifying Remedy

Reinforcing and densifying treatment for scalp and hair prone to falling out.

OWAY Vivifying Remedy – Sensitive Scalps

Revitalising treatment for sensitive scalp with hair prone to falling out. Alcohol free.

OWAY Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath

Benefits – Gently cleanses, stimulating the vitality of the hair – Promotes the elimination of skin toxins – Reactivates the microcirculation of the scalp. Key Ingredient ORGANIC HORSE CHESTNUT // It improves the micro-circulation of blood vessels and encouraging the hair bulb to revitalize and strengthen. ETHICAL MAHOGANY // Antiseptic and astringent for the skin, […]

OWAY Plant & Mineral Refresh (Dry Shampoo)

Original price was: €35.00.Current price is: €24.50.
Waterless botanical-mineral cleansing and volumising hair blend. Dermatologically tested / Nickel tested.

OWAY Shaping Putty

Original price was: €30.00.Current price is: €21.00.
Stringing fiber, amplifier of form and volume.

OWAY Bungee Fiber

Original price was: €31.00.Current price is: €21.70.
Elastic fibrous hair paste.

OWAY OW Men’s Duo Set

The perfect gift for him. Choose to have OWAY's Hair & Body Invigorating Wash accompanied by their Face & Beard Hydrating Cleanser or Softening Shave Cream.

OWAY Hair Bath & Mask Duo Set

Pick your favourite OWAY Hair/Body Bath & Mask* and have them packaged beautifully.  

OWAY OW Men Softening Shave Cream

Moisturizing fluid shave cream. Dermatologically tested / Nickel tested
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